News: Completing a World... Step by Step?

Well this one is a short but sweet one. I am hoping I can enlist your input. I am probably going to do a video about how to complete a world here on WHT. I am just getting to the point where I'm pretty familiar with the layout and interface, so I should be able to write up a script that takes us through it quickly and still covers everything. What would you like to make sure you see in this video?

News: To Explore New Worlds...

One of the things I enjoy the most about making tutorial videos is watching the reactions. In YouTube's backoffice, they give me great tools like Insight, Demographics, Discovery and Hot Spots. I can tell when people's attention drops off when watching. I can see what age groups and gender my audience is made up of. And... I can see where most people came from to get to see my videos.

News: Learning (and Teaching) The Use of BCC in Emails

A few years back, I wrote an article, in fact mostly to my family and friends, titled "The Evil Power of To:". I was referring to all the folks sending emails out willy-nilly to all their friends with no regard for whether or not you or I would want our email addresses boldly displayed on the "To:" line of an email. This article very pointedly explains what BCC: is and WHY you should always use it when sending out emails to more than one person. Check it out!

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