News: To Explore New Worlds...

To Explore New Worlds...

One of the things I enjoy the most about making tutorial videos is watching the reactions.  In YouTube's backoffice, they give me great tools like Insight, Demographics, Discovery and Hot Spots.  I can tell when people's attention drops off when watching.  I can see what age groups and gender my audience is made up of.  And... I can see where most people came from to get to see my videos. 

This week, I was surprised to find out that a HUGE chunk of my video views were coming from!  Imagine my surprise when I find out that for some of the videos of mine that folks have contributed to this site, more than 3/4 of my views came from here!

Well this really educated me about the ways to get my content out to the masses.  I've been missing a huge chunk of the pie!  This leads me to "wonder" how much more exposure I could have been getting all along and, as a startup channel on YouTube, how much faster could I have made it to YouTube Partner status?  I am going to have to show my friends in the "how-to" community how to really ramp up their content.  Perhaps a tutorial video is in order? ;)

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Sounds like a great idea, Bryce!

Well give me some time to edumicate myself about the site before I go edumicating the public :) lol Thanks guys.

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