Forum Thread: Which how-to would you like to see on MindPower next?

  1. Restore a Windows PC back to factory-installed condition using rescue CD's or image
  2. How to clean your PC's insides
  3. How to organize all the junk in your garage
  4. How to get rid of Plantar Fasciitis
  5. How to prioritize your day with a dry-erase board
  6. How to organize your paperwork
  7. How to fix your torn clothes
  8. How to clean a pug
  9. How to use your Android phone to get up every day on time, no matter what time
  10. How to backlight your TV and room so your eyes don't hurt watching your favorite show

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3 Responses

how to fix your torn clothes would be great!!!!

i know duct tape works and so does a stapler

Well, I just got a new Android phone - the Samsung Infuse, but these days I'm being woken up by my baby every day so there's no need for an alarm clock. :P I'd love to see a tutorial on other stuff to do with my phone, though - how to use it to organize myself, manage the photo apps (or find better ones), etc.

One of my favorite tricks is to use the dry-erase board to organize everything, then take a picture of it in my phone :)

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